the art of living

Surround yourself with elements that you fall in love with, and design with pleasure, grace and complete color flow but, always expect the unexpected!
-Brooke Steuart

About Imagine Interior Design

Brooke Steuart began collecting Architectural Digest magazines when she was a young girl.“I would tear out pictures that I loved, file them and try to use them as inspiration for our family home,” she remembers.“I even wallpapered my bedroom ceiling.” Back then, she used her father’s workshop to modify and refurbish family antiques to make furniture and pieces of art. Now, Brooke’s lifelong passion for art and design has evolved into Imagine Interior Design, a thriving residential and commercial interior design business that makes headlines and impresses clients.

The Art of Living

While Brooke has a clear style that’s always welcoming and sophisticated, her signature is her ability to understand her clients’ wants and needs and deliver for them a “wow” project that suits their lifestyles and budgets. She strongly believes that an interior designer’s primary goal should be helping clients pinpoint exactly how they want to use a space, and then find furnishings and elements that work for them. Brooke calls it the “art of living,” and her expertise has earned her rave reviews.

Reflecting Your Personal Style

Brooke’s interiors have been featured on several prominent home tours, in regional newspapers and magazines, and recently in Barbara Jacksier’s book, Waterside Cottages. In the book, Jacksier praises Brooke’s use of “happy colors and touchable textures” and describes some of the rooms designed by Brooke as having “an intriguing mix of personal and playful furnishings reflecting the family’s eclectic tastes and Brooke’s talent for interior design.”

Always Expect the Unexpected

It’s been a long time since Brooke used her dad’s workshop to make furniture, and now she works with Robert James "One of a Kind Furtiture” creating their own Elements line of table, bath vanities, ottomans, lighting, wall art and outdoor furniture. And while she still collects ideas from high profile design magazines, she’s learned to identify inspirations all around her and incorporate them into winning interiors. “Surround yourself with elements that you fall in love with,” she says, “and design with pleasure, grace and complete color flow but, always expect the unexpected!”