“Dear Brooke,
How can I begin to thank you for the unbelievable transformation you created for my office? You guided me through a process that took a while to keep within a budget – but the end result was gorgeous! When the bright green paint went on the walls – everyone from work came up to me with ‘Are you sure you picked the right color – did you make a mistake???’ I told them as you told me – ‘You will see, just be patient and wait until everything is in place.’ Of course you were right. As the other pieces came in – desk, hutch, silk curtains, custom-framed pictures, creamed-colored textured carpet, chairs, side tables, lamps, etc. – the room took on this elegant and uplifting feeling. As people come into my office – they cannot believe what they see! I always get the big“WOW.” Thanks so much and now to enhance Tim’s office! We will schedule this soon. Talk to you soon.”

Carla Hargrove-McGill
Hargrove, Inc.
Number One Hargrove Drive
Lanham, MD 20706

“This letter is written to applaud Imagine Interiors for the outstanding decorating services provided to us while renovating a beach house at Ocean Breezes in North Bethany Beach, Delaware. Brooke Stuart is a talented designer who, in addition to her own inherent creativity, knows all of the appropriate contacts, suppliers and subcontractors to accomplish the most complex of design and decorating challenges. I will detail briefly our experience with Imagine Interiors and in particular the owner Ms. Brooke Steuart.

The beach home we recently bought was a rental property that needed to be gutted from top to bottom and in addition had been decorated in the most drab and boring“New England Mission” style imaginable. We were in desperate need of a decorator that could transform this dull house into a bright, cheery and happy summer beach home.

We hired Brooke who immediately sat with us and discussed our likes and dislikes. She made us feel at home with her affable and vivacious personality and immediately established a sense of trust. She described her many experiences with decorating homes and offices and what she felt would change our“Amityville Horror” into a happy home. She really took the time to try and understand our“taste” by asking us to take out pages from decorating magazines and provide them to her so she could better understand what we desired. She helped us establish a color theme that would be calming and cheery and she diversified colors from this starting point. Her affection for our children was immensely apparent and she clearly cared about their feelings and desires and included them in decision making so they felt like they had a say in their destiny. We were so impressed with Brooke’s approach from the very beginning.

Brooke replaced ugly deep dark oak wooden floors with white cheery“pickle barrel” flooring. Brooke brought us to an award winning kitchen and bathroom design center to help with picking out cabinetry to fit our ecological needs and optimize form and function. Brooke incorporated state-of-the-art appliances, including globe pendant lighting,“Think” glass counter tops and custom-made furniture and draperies. Granite kitchen walls and double-thick counter tops of the most beautiful color coordinated varieties went into our home. Bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways were painted or wallpapered, some with“sea grass” to create a real tropical feeling. The kids’ rooms! WOW, Brooke brought in a faux art painter to add intense color and design to their rooms. Our master bedroom had Venetian plaster walls of the most incredible purple with puffy white drapes right out of Old Vienna! A dream house out of the ashes of“Mission Impossible!”

We are so pleased with our happy home that whether it is raining or sunny outside we are happy to just be in our house and enjoy the many amazing design and decorative features that Brooke brought into our lives. We highly recommend Imagine Interiors for any design, decorative and renovation projects no matter how big or small.”

Drs. Gail and Jay Wasserman